The story behind Expectations

“You deserve to feel great and look stunning during your pregnancy”


Why do you have to compromise on style when you are pregnant? The idea behind Expectations Copenhagen started when I was pregnant realizing how hard it is to find stylish wear. Being a huge fan of fashion, traditional maternity wear was not an option for me. I still wanted to look good wearing beautiful dresses (and maybe even high heels!), but I learned that it was difficult to find fashionable styles specifically designed for pregnancy.

I searched for trendy styles for pregnant women both online and in shops, but most maternity dresses were quite dull and different from what I would normally wear. Has the fashion industry forgotten about pregnant women?

So what did I do? I started to look for beautiful styles that were not targeted at pregnant women, but had special fabrics or cuts that with small alterations made them fit a pregnant body. I learned what worked, which types of fabrics created the necessary flexibility around the belly and which cuts made the clothes drape stylishly over the body even as the baby bump grows. A big plus was that these styles could also be used after pregnancy, so I didn’t have to change wardrobe after birth!

This was the fuel for Expectations Copenhagen. I wanted to create the styles that I had missed - making it easier for other pregnant women to stay fashionable during their pregnancy. My primary focus is a “dress up” collection that can be used when you want to stand out, crafted in high quality materials and comfortable to wear. Designs that you would also love to wear when you are not pregnant.

Other exclusive brands.  We are ongoingly adding exclusive and international maternity brands to our shop that match our own brand.

I hope you find something you like and wish you an amazing pregnancy!

Anne Kapper Kleist, founder and mother